* Theodore Suzukawa is a graduating Senior at UCI, with a history of software QA work. He is working with Nicholas DiGiuseppe under the supervision of James A. Jones in area of fault localization and contextualization. He has participated in multiple projects emphasizing Semantic Fault Diagnosis: a technique which leverages Statistical-Fault Localization and Semantic Parsing techniques to provide developers natural-language descriptions of the faults in software. He focused on program comprehension techniques that provide developers with data which helps explains the causes of a fault. His latest work focuses on creating a visualization for these techniques which allows developers to explore the correlations which Semantic Fault Diagnosis provides.

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* Ted Graduates

We’re proud to announce that Ted successfully completed the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Ted worked with the Spider Lab to develop new visualizations and implementations to assist developers to find, understand, and fix bugs in software. We thank … Continue reading

— January 1st, 2012