* Fang is currently a M.S. student in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. She work with Professor James A. Jones. Our research is in the area of software testing, software analysis (run-time and compile-time), and debugging. Before joining UC Irvine, Fang received her Master and Bachelor degrees in Computer Science at Peking University, China. She was with the Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies and advised by Prof. Qianxiang Wang.
Contact Information
Institute for Software Research
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Office: 5243 Bren Hall, Irvine, CA 92697-3440
Personal website:

Most Recent Publications
* Weighted System Dependence Graph.
Fang Deng, James A. Jones. Fifth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 2012, pp. 380–389.
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* Inferred Dependence Coverage to Support Fault Contextualization.
Fang Deng, James A. Jones. Proceedings of the 26th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), Short paper track, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, November 2011, pp. 512–515.
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* Constellation Visualization: Augmenting Program Dependence with Dynamic Information.
Fang Deng, Nicholas DiGiuseppe, James A. Jones. Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis (VISSOFT), Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, September 2011, pp. 1–8.
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* Specification and Runtime Verification of API Constraints on Interacting Objects.
Fang Deng, Haiwen Liu, Jin Shao, Qianxiang Wang. Proceeding of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE'11), Miami, Florida, USA, July 2011, to appear.
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* Lazy Runtime Verification for Constraints on Interactive Objects.
Jin Shao, Fang Deng, Haiwen Liu, Qianxiang Wang, Hong Mei. Proceeding of the 17th Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference(APSEC'10), Sydney, Australia, November 2010, pp. 242–251.
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* An Online Monitoring Approach for Web Service Requirements.
Qianxiang Wang, Jin Shao, Fang Deng, Yonggang Liu, Min Li, Hong Mei, Jun Han. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing (TSC), Volume 2, Number 4, October 2009, pp. 338–351.
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* Toward Middleware-based Application Migration.
Fang Deng, Qianxiang Wang, Jin Shao. Proceedings of the 32nd IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'09), Seattle, Washington, USA, July 2009, pp. 222–227.
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* A Model-Driven Software Monitoring and Analyzing Framework.
Jin Shao, Fang Deng, Qianxiang Wang. Proceeding of the 7th National Software and Application Conference (NASAC'08), Guangzhou, China, November 2008, to appear.
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* A Dynamic Migration Method and Implementation of EJB Component.
Fang Deng, Qianxiang Wang, Hong Mei. Proceeding of the 6th National Software and Application Conference (NASAC'07), Xi’an, China, September 2007, to appear.
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Recent News
* Fang Passes her Masters Thesis Defense

Fang successfully defended her Masters Thesis, on the work that she and Jim had been working on for the Weighted System Dependence Graph and the Constellation Visualization. Her presentation, thesis, and defense were stellar.

— November 20th, 2012

* Fang hired for 2nd Google Summer Internship

Fang was hired again for her second summer internship at Google. This time around, she’ll be stationed in the main Google campus in Mountain View. She’ll be working on the Google Chrome project. Best wishes to Fang, and we’ll look … Continue reading

— May 15th, 2012

* Two talks at ICST in Montreal

Join us in Montreal for the International Conference on Software Testing (ICST) from April 18–20. We have two research paper talks: (1) Nicholas will be presenting his and Jim’s paper, titled “Software Behavior and Failure Clustering: An Empirical Study of … Continue reading

— April 11th, 2012

* Another ICST Paper Accepted

Fang’s and Jim’s paper “Weighted System Dependence Graph” was accepted for publication at ICST 2012! This paper provides a new program-analysis model of software code for a program. The model augments static (i.e., compile-time) whole-program dependencies among instructions with dynamic … Continue reading

— January 25th, 2012

* Spider Lab visits Irvine’s University High School

Nicholas and Jim led an outreach event at University High School in Irvine, California. Jim presented advice on how to choose among universities and navigate among the options for computer-science majors. And, Nicholas led a demonstration and presentation of our … Continue reading

— November 16th, 2011

* Fang hired for Google Summer Internship!

Fang was hired as an intern this summer at Google to assist in their software-testing efforts. Congratulations, Fang!

— April 22nd, 2011